Our true intent is all for your delight
Our true intent is all for your delight

BOX OFFICE for Little Tommy Tucker will open on 18th November.

The Quince Players now operate an online ticketing system.  This enables people to book online from wherever they are, choose their seats and also pay online using the card of their choice.  It is still be possible to visit Sapphire Estates to make your bookings too, and indeed to pay by cash or cheque if you so desire. 

The new system makes it easier for EVERYONE to book tickets, including those who do not live in the vicinity of Sunninghill. The system is available 24 hours a day, and right up until minutes before the curtain rises on a performance.


When making your booking online please ensure you click on the correct date and times, makiing alterations is possible of course, but it would be simpler if everyone took extra care whilst familiarising themselves with the new system.


If you have ever booked cinema or theatre tickets online this system will be very familiar to you. If not, just follow the on screen instructions carefully, and dont worry, any mistakes can be rectified without too much trouble.



Box Office for Little Tommy Tucker will open on Saturday 18th November.


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